Canine cushing's: diagnosis and treatment
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Canine cushing's: diagnosis and treatment

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It is diagnosed Cushing's Syndrome in dogs is an extremely common disorder, first recognized and well described over 50 years ago. in middle-aged and geriatric dogs of every breedand size by veterinarians practicing throughout the world. There remain some issues. What is the "best test" for diagnosing Cushing's? How important are serum alkaline phosphatase concentrations in the diagnostic process? Is it important to separate dogs with adrenal-tumor Cushing's from the majority that have pituitary-dependent Cushing's? What is the best dose and frequency of trilostane administration to achieve control of clinical signs? What is the best test for monitoring trilostane treatment in dogs? If Ed Feldman's dog has Cushing's, how would he treat her? How important is pituitary imaging for dogs with PDH? These and other questions will be discussed by Dr. Feldman, someone who has diagnosed and treated more dogs for Cushing's and who has published more research studies on Cushing's than anyone.

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  • Tipo de curso Webseminars on demand
  • Duración 90 min.

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