Pet owner educational atlas. Parasites
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Pet owner educational atlas. Parasites

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This illustrated work has the aim to assist the veterinary surgeon with his/her communication with the pet owner. Following the last book spirit dedicated to the surgery, in this atlas the drawings about internal and external parasites of dogs and cats will make easier the explanations of the veterinary surgeon to his/her customers, as well as the control, prevention and treatment plans that the veterinary surgeon need to set up in some cases. The clarity and accuracy of the drawings, designed to make understandable and to reduce the time spent on the explanations to the pet owner, make of this atlas another useful clinical tool. This book is aimed at veterinary surgeons, students, teachers and professionals in this field.

PROTOZOANS Phylum Sarcomastigophora Subphylum Sarcodina Order Amoebida 1. Genus Entamoeba: E. hystolitica Subphylum Mastigophora Order Diplomonadida 2. Genus Giardia: G. duodenalis Order Trichomonadida 3. Genus Tritrichomonas: T. foetus Genus Pentatrichomonas (miscellany) Order Kinetoplastida 4. Genus Leishmania: L. infantum 5. Genus Trypanosoma (miscellany) Phylum Apicomplexa Suborder Adeleorina 6. Genus Hepatozoon: H. canis H. americanum Suborder Eimeriorina 7. Genus Cryptosporidium: C. parvum 8. Genus Toxoplasma: T. gondii 9. Genus Neospora: N. caninum 10. Genus Cystoisospora: Cystoisospora spp. Genus Sarcocystis: Sarcocystis spp. Genus Besnoitia: B. besnoiti Genus Hammondia: H. canis Suborder Piroplasmorina 11. Genus Babesia: Babesia spp. 12. Genus Theileria 13. Genus Cytauxzoon TREMATODES-CESTODES Phylum platyhelminthes Class Trematoda SUBClass DIGENEA Order Strigeata Family Clinostomatidae Genus Clinostomun Family Diplostomatidae 14. Genus Alaria Family Echinostomatidae Genus Echinoparyphium Order Plagiorchiata Genus Paragonimus Genus Nanophyetus Order Opisthorchiata Family Opisthorchis 15. Genus Opisthorchis Family Heterophyidae Genus Heterophyes Genus Cryptocotyle Class Cestoidea SUBClass EUCESTODA Order Cyclophyllidea Family Taenidae 16. Genus Taenia: Taenia spp. 17. Genus Echinococcus: E. granulosus E. multilocularis Family Dipylidiidae 18. Genus Dipylidium: D. caninum Genus Joyeuxiella Family Mesocestoididae 19. Genus Mesocestoides: Mesocestoides spp. Order Pseudophyllidea Family Diphyllobothriidae Genus Spirometra 20. Genus Diphyllobotrium NEMATODES Phylum Nemathelminthes SUBClass ADENOPHOREA Order Enoplida Family Trichuridae 21. Genus Trichuris: T. vulpis Genus Capillaria: Capillaria spp. Family Trichinellidae Genus Trichinella SUBClass SECERNENTEA Order Strongylida Superfamily Strongyloidea Superfamily Ancylostomatidae 22. Family Ancylostomatidae Genus Ancylostoma: A. caninum Genus Uncinaria: U. stenocephala Superfamily Trichostrongyloidea Family Molineidae Genus Ollulanus Superfamily Metastrongyloidea Family Angyostrongylidae 23. Genus Angiostrongylus: A. vasorum 24. Genus Aelurostrongylus: A. abstrusus Family Filaroididae 25. Genus Oslerus: Filaroides Order Ascaridida Superfamily Ascaridoidea Family Ascarididae 26. Genus Toxascaris: T. leonina 27. Genus Toxocara: T. canis 28. T. cati Order Rabdhitida Family Strongyloididae 29. Genus Strongyloides: S. stercoralis Order Spirurida Superfamily Filariodea Family Onchocercidae 30. Genus Dirofilaria: D. immitis 31. D. repens 32. D. immitis 33. Genus Acanthocheilonema: A. dracunculoides A. reconditum Superfamily Spiruroidea Family Spirocercidae 34. Genus Spirocerca: S. lupi Superfamily Thelazioidea Family Thelazidae 35. Genus Thelazia: Th. callipaeda Superfamily Physalopteroidea Family Physalopteridae 36. Genus Physaloptera: Phy. praepucialis ARTHROPODS Phylum Arthropoda Class Arachnida SUBClass ACARI Order Acariformes Suborder Acaridida Family Psoroptidae 37. Genus Otodectes: O. cynotis Family Sarcoptidae 38. Genus Sarcoptes: S. canis 39. Genus Notoedres: N. cati Suborder Actinedida Family Demodicidae 40. Genus Demodex: D. canis Demodex spp. Family Cheyletiellidae 41. Genus Cheyletiella: Ch. yasguri Ch. blackei Order Parasitiformes Suborder Ixodida 42. Family Ixodidae Family Argasidae Ornithodoros spp. Otobius Class Insecta 43. Order Mallophaga Trichodectes canis Linognathus setosus 44. Order Anoplura Felicola subrostratus Order Siphonaptera 45. Genus Ctenocephalides Ctenocephalides spp. Order Diptera Suborder Nematocerca 46. Family Psychodidae Phlebotomus spp. Family Ceratopogonidae Family Simulidae 47. Family Culicidae Culex spp. Suborder Cyclorrapha 48. Family Muscidae Miasis 

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