Oncology in Senior Animals with Clinical Cases
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Oncology in Senior Animals with Clinical Cases

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The book Oncology in senior animals shows the neoplasms most commonly diagnosed in animals in the senior age range and describes their most common clinical signs, diagnostic approach, prognosis and treatment. It includes clinical cases.

Juan Carlos Cartagena Albertus

Juan Carlos Cartagena Albertus graduated from the University of Zaragoza in 1987. He is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), holds a Master of Science (MSc), is certified in oncology and soft tissue surgery with the Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association (AVEPA), holds a University Master in Veterinary Practice & Therapeutic Investigation, a General Practitioner Certificate (GP Cert.) in Ophthalmology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (PgC Cert. AVP) from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and earned recognition as a university specialist in endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery from the University of Extremadura (Spain). He is also a member of the European Society of Veterinary Oncology (ESVONC) and the AVEPA Oncology and Soft Tissue Surgery working groups.

He works at Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (UK).

Adrián Romairone Duarte

Adrián Romairone Duarte graduated in veterinary medicine in 1987 from the General Pico Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the National University of La Pampa in Argentina. His degree was recognized as equivalent to the Spanish Degree in Veterinary Medicine by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sciences in 1990. He holds a diploma in advanced studies from the University of León (2007) and obtained his PhD from the same university in 2016.

He has worked as a clinical veterinary surgeon since 1987. He is the owner of Centro de Diagnóstico Veterinario, a clinic that specialises in the diagnosis of pets and birds of prey. He is also the owner and editor of the website www.diagnosticoveterinario.com.

His areas of interest include clinical oncology, diagnostic cytology, oncologic, trauma, and soft tissue surgery, and medical and surgical pathology applied to birds of prey in the wild and captivity (e.g., birds of falconry).

He is particularly interested in necropsy as a tool for diagnosing common diseases in birds of prey and in forensic investigations of anthropogenic causes of death in these animals.

1. General aspects of senior oncology General aspects of senior oncology Oncology in senior animals Introduction What are the clinical effects of age? Are senior patients more likely to get cancer because of their age? Treating the senior patient The oncology visit Paraneoplastic syndromes Introduction Causes and origin of paraneoplastic syndromes Paraneoplastic syndromes and early diagnosis in oncology Paraneoplastic syndromes by body system Miscellaneous manifestations 2. Most common neoplasms in senior oncology Cutaneous tumours Introduction Prevalence of cutaneous tumours Aetiology Assessing a cutaneous tumour Cytology Biopsy Staging Most common cutaneous tumours Squamous cell carcinoma Mast cell tumour Cutaneous melanoma Cutaneous lymphoma Histiocytoma Cutaneous plasmacytoma Fibrovascular papillomas Basal cell carcinoma Hepatoid adenoma Injection-site sarcoma Digestive tumours in senior patients Oral tumours Introduction Classification Oral melanoma Squamous cell carcinoma Fibrosarcoma Epulides Gastrointestinal tumours General clinical signs Gastrointestinal tumours in dogs Gastrointestinal tumours in cats Eyelid and orbital tumours Introduction Nuclear sclerosis Iris atrophy Eyelid tumours in senior dogs and cats Meibomian gland adenomas and adenocarcinomas Melanomas Histiocytomas Mast cell tumours Hidrocystoma Peripheral nerve sheath tumours Squamous cell carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma Fibrosarcomas Orbital tumours in senior dogs and cats Introduction to orbital disorders Introduction to orbital tumours Orbital tumours in cats Musculoskeletal tumours in senior patients Osteosarcoma Tumour presentation and behaviour Clinical signs Aetiology Diagnosis Treatment Clinical course and prognosis in canine and feline osteosarcoma Soft tissue sarcomas Introduction Injection-site sarcoma in cats Haemolymphatic system tumours in senior patients Introduction Canine lymphoma Introduction Epidemiology Clinical presentation Diagnosis Treatment Leukaemia Classification Malignant lymphoproliferative disorders Myeloproliferative diseases Myelodysplastic syndromes How to identify leukaemia Treating leukaemia Feline leukaemia 3. Common clinical cases in senior oncology Common clinical cases in senior oncology Anaemia due to hyperoestrogenism caused by a tumour Clinical history Clinical examination Diagnostic tests Treatment Theoretical aspects Squamous cell carcinoma in senior cats Introduction Clinical examination Diagnostic tests and definitive diagnosis Medical and surgical treatment Clinical course Theoretical aspects Vaginal polyps in senior patients Introduction Clinical history Clinical examination Diagnostic tests Treatment options Theoretical aspects Oral canine melanoma Clinical history Surgical treatment Immunotherapy Eyelid mast cell tumour in a cat Clinical history Clinical examination Diagnostic tests Diagnosis Treatment Clinical course Theoretical aspects Nasal lymphoma in a cat Clinical history Clinical examination Diagnostic tests Diagnosis Treatment Prognosis Theoretical aspects Mediastinal lymphoma in a cat Clinical history Clinical examination Diagnostic tests Treatment Theoretical aspects References 
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