Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology
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Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology

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Learn to recognize, diagnose, and manage a wide range of common ocular conditions with Slatters Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 6th Edition. This thoroughly updated text provides the latest, most practical information on structure and function of the eye, the ophthalmic examination and diagnostic techniques, medical and surgical management of ocular disease, and management of ocular emergencies. Enhanced and logically organized coverage includes dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds, and exotic pets. In addition, over 1,000 color photos and illustrations accurately depict ocular conditions encountered in practice and demonstrate diagnostic and surgical techniques. Edited by three of the most revered authorities in the field of veterinary ophthalmology, this reference is an essential aid to successful veterinary practice and education.

David Maggs

Professor, Comparative Ophthalmology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis.

1. The Eye and Vision 2. The Ophthalmic Examination and Diagnostic Testing 3. Ophthalmic Medications and Therapeutics 4. Principles of Ophthalmic Surgery 5. Diseases of the Orbit 6. Diseases of the Eyelids 7. Diseases of the Conjunctiva 8. Diseases of the Third Eyelid 9. Diseases of the Lacrimal System 10. Diseases of the Cornea and Sclera 11. Diseases of the Uvea 12. The Glaucomas 13. Diseases of the Lens 14. Diseases of the Vitreous 15. Diseases of the Retina 16. Neuroophthalmic Diseases 17. Ophthalmic Emergencies 18. Equine Ophthalmology 19. Livestock Ophthalmology 20. Exotic Pet and Avian Ophthalmology APPENDIX Breed Predisposition to Eye Disorders Glossary 
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  • Autor/es David Maggs
  • Año de edición 2017
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