CLASS 5 & 6 - Alternative treatments to sinus lift

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Sinus elevation surgery has become a sought-after part of implant dentistry and procedures have evolved over the last 25 years to a point where sinus grafting surgery is considered one of the most successful augmentation procedures performed today with an excellent survival rate of implants placed in these grafts. The sinus elevation procedure is still evolving today due to the development of new surgical techniques and new biomimetic technologies.

The course will present, through interactive videos, sinus elevation surgery and possible alternatives to sinus elevation from planning to surgical execution. Curent evidence-based information will be presented.

CLASS 5: Zygomatic, pterygoid, trans-sinus, tilted implants, and long cantilevered prostheses as alternatives to sinus lift

The presentation will aim to provide a standardized approach to adhesive dentistry presenting step-by-step protocols of bonded anterior and posterior indirect restorations. The lecture will also provide clinical “tips and tricks” to achieve the highest clinical success in terms of aesthetic requirements, biomechanical properties of bonded restorations, bond strength, and stability of the adhesive interface over time.

CLASS 6: Alternative treatment plans when sinus lift procedure is not the first option

Insufficient bone volume in the posterior maxilla is not in itself an indication for performing a lateral window maxillary sinus augmentation without considering available alternatives.

With regards to the clinical condition, there are different treatments that have been proposed as alternatives to lateral window sinus augmentation:

  • short implants
  • tilted implants and trans-sinus implants
  • pre- and post-sinus implants
  • fixed prostheses with distal cantilever

The lecture will address the pros and cons of the different therapeutic alternatives in an evidence based approach.