Chronic pain in dogs
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Chronic pain in dogs

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The management of chronic pain in companion animals is an area in which there is a significant therapeutic void. In many cases professionals are unaware of the appropriate approach to manage chronic pain, despite the wide range of pharmacological, surgical and physical therapeutic options that act directly on the pain pathways. Recent discoveries in the area of pain pathways have opened many avenues for the management of chronic pain. The goal of this book is to present this new knowledge in the context of the small animal clinic.

Belén Ruano Puente

Degree in Veterinary Medicine specialising in pain and rehabilitation. Member of the Spanish Pain Society (SED), the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), and the Madrid Association of Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine (AMVAC).

Head of the Pain and Rehabilitation Unit of the Pulso Animal Clinic (Manzanares el Real, Madrid). Pulso Animal is a group of professionals who, in their respective specialities and fields of expertise, seek to develop a method of treating animals with pain using an approach that considers all associated aspects and manifestations.

1. What is chronic pain? Introduction Nociception Transmission Anatomy of nerve pathways Transduction: neurotransmitters involved in chronic pain Cellular metabolic mechanisms of chronic pain Perception and classification of chronic pain Pain modulation process Spinal control Supraspinal control Cortical control Pain chronification 2. Diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome Introduction Stress Behavioural changes in states of continuous pain Diagnostic approach for a patient with pain Detailed anamnesis Physical examination Blood test Orientative analytical parameters Complementary diagnostic techniques Thermography Techniques for assessing neurophysiological function Pain scales used in animals 3. Treatment of chronic pain Introduction Pharmacological therapy Anti-inflammatories Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Corticosteroids Opioids Mechanism of action of opioids Routes of opioid administration Opioids used in veterinary medicine Antidepressants Tricyclic antidepressants Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Selective serotonin–noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors Anticonvulsants Amantadine Growth factors Local anaesthetics Routes of administration Most commonly used drugs α-adrenergic receptor agonists Medetomidine Dexmedetomidine Cannabinoids Capsaicin Ketamine Routes of administration Experimental drugs 4. Types of chronic pain Introduction Visceral pain Chronic pancreatitis Chronic renal failure Uraemic polyneuropathy Osteoarthritis: joint pain Pain due to cancer Analgesic drugs in oncology Anti-inflammatories: NSAIDs and corticosteroids Analgesics Local anaesthetics Antiemetics Anticonvulsants NMDA receptor antagonists Bisphosphonates Other drugs Geriatric pain Analgesic drugs in geriatric patients Diabetic neuropathy Treatment of diabetic neuropathy Joint pain Treatment of joint pain Joint stress stage Bone inflammation phase Bone reorganisation stage Degenerative stage Radicular pain Treatment of radicular pain Corticosteroids Opioids Muscle relaxants NSAIDs Local anaesthetics Neurolytic agents Adjuvant analgesics Other therapies 5. Interventional therapies Introduction Ablative techniques Peripheral neurectomy Rhizolysis Facet rhizolysis Cordotomy Dorsal root entry zone (DREZ) lesion Decompression techniques Discolysis Neuromodulatory techniques Neurostimulation Spinal infusion Electrotherapy Transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation (TENS) Interferential currents Ultrasound Shockwave therapy Diathermy Neuromuscular therapy 6. Functional recovery of a painful limb. Case descriptions Introduction Case 1 Shiba. Golden Retriever, aged 14 years Case 2 Terry. A mixed breed, 30-kg dog with leishmaniasis Case 3 Pepa. Yorkshire Terrier, aged 5 years Case 4 Admiral. Labrador, aged 2 years Case 5 Terry. Golden Retriever, aged 10 years Case 6 Miko. Dachshund, aged 6 years
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