Microsurgical Endodontics
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Microsurgical Endodontics

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The micro-surgical Endodontics, a term coined by the author himself, is a branch of Endodontics to save teeth otherwise lost and destined to be replaced by plants; you know it means adding a precious baggage to their knowledge in Endodontics. The indications for intervention are varied, always related to the failure of previous treatment and may include solutions that, once implemented, can clinically complicated situations in a single run. The text presents a thorough examination of diagnostic approaches, clinical procedures, equipment needed and possible complications that the micro-surgical Endodontics involves; a comprehensive, both from a theoretical and a practical aspect to deal with safety any intervention, by the management of soft tissue to suture removal early.

1 Why Microsurgical Endodontics? 2 Diagnosis And Treatment Plan 3 Microsurgical Instruments 4 The Surgical Operating Microscope 5 Local Anesthesia 6 Anatomic Considerations And Danger Zones 7 Soft Tissue Management 8 Hard Tissue Management 9 The Cortical Window 10 Root-End Resection 11 Ultrasonic Root-End Preparation 12 207 Root-End Filling Materials 13 The Use Of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Cbct) In Microsurgical Endodontics 14 Sutures 15 Prognosis Of Microsurgical Endodontics 
  • Idioma Inglés
  • Autor/es Arnaldo Castellucci, Elio Berruti
  • Año de edición 2019
  • Nº Páginas 368
  • Encuadernación Hard cover
  • Tamaño 22 X 28

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