Key Concepts in Senior Dog Care
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Key Concepts in Senior Dog Care

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This book describes the different clinical aspects a veterinary surgeon should bear in mind when dealing with a senior patient. It addresses, by organ system, the particularities of the different diseases typical of this stage of life, the corresponding diagnostic protocols, and the special care and treatment required, with an emphasis on the most recent medical and surgical approaches and on the management of anaesthesia for surgical procedures.

José Rómulo Silva Torres

José Rómulo Silva Torres holds a PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zaragoza, and is a specialist in traumatology and orthopaedics at the Complutense University of Madrid. As a professor at the university he has lectured in surgery and reproduction and worked in clinical practice. He holds a diploma in health from the National School of Public Health.

Outside of his academic work he has served as a spokesperson for AVEPA (Spanish Association of Small Animal Specialists) for the regions of Aragon and La Rioja and as President of the Official College of Veterinary Surgeons for the province of Zaragoza.

Currently, his professional activity at the Zaragoza Veterinary Clinical Centre focuses on general surgery, orthopaedics, and traumatology, as well as endoscopy.

Enrique Castells Pérez

Enrique Castells Pérez was awarded his degree in veterinary medicine in 1996 by the University of Zaragoza. From 1998 to 2008 he worked in medical and surgical practice in the region of La Jacetania, Huesca (Valle de Hecho and Jaca Veterinary Clinical Centre), working both with small animals and meat ruminants. During this period he also worked as a substitute veterinary surgeon at Lacuniacha Wildlife Park (Piedrafita de Jaca, Huesca). Between 2008 and 2009 he worked in the commercial sector at a veterinary drug distributor in Utebo (Zaragoza). In 2015 he received his postgraduate degree in ophthalmology from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since 2009 he has worked at the Zaragoza Veterinary Clinical Centre.

1. The progression of aging in dogs The aging process Senior dogs as patients in the clinic How to diagnose cognitive dysfunction Preventive treatment 2. Periodontal disease Introduction Aetiology and pathogenesis Examination of the patient Diagnosis of periodontal disease Treatment Prognosis and decision making Prevention 3. Digestive disease Gastrointestinal system Liver Pancreas 4. Cardiorespiratory disorders Introduction Diagnostic approach Most frequent cardiac diseases in senior dogs Most frequent respiratory diseases in senior dogs 5. Chronic kidney disease Chronic kidney disease (CKD) Diagnosis of CKD Treatment of CKD 6. Endocrine diseases Canine hyperadrenocorticism Canine hypothyroidism Other endocrine disorders 7. Neurological diseases Introduction Examination of the patient Main orthopaedic and neurological diseases of senior dogs 8. Pain management Introduction Neurophysiology of pain Chronic pain: canine osteoarthritis 9. Anaesthesia in senior dogs Organ status in senior patients Anaesthetic drugs in senior patients Monitoring during anaesthesia Postoperative recovery and care Euthanasia in senior dogs 10. Musculoskeletal system disorders Traumatology in older dogs Most common joint and ligament injuries Fracture implants 11. Ophthalmology in senior dogs Introduction Age-associated changes in the eyes of senior dogs Common ocular diseases in senior dogs Diseases of the retina 12. Diseases of the reproductive system Diseases of the female reproductive system Diseases of the male reproductive system Bibliography 
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