Ear diseases in dogs and cats. Clinical cases
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Ear diseases in dogs and cats. Clinical cases

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20 % of visits to the vet may be due to otitis and although in general they do not represent a serious condition for the animal, they may become very unpleasant and insidious processes if they are not treated suitably and guidelines for management and control are not established. This work presents a selection of clinical cases, in their majority of otitis, diagnosed in dogs and cats, with information about their anatomical, aetiopathogenic, clinical and analytical aspects, as well as about the aspects of the local and systemic treatments that may be applied in each case.

1. Introduction and brief anatomic outline Ear anatomy of the dog and cat Introduction Outer ear Tympanic membrane Middle ear Inner ear 2. Otitis externa (EO) etiopathogenic 3. Otitis clinical findings/features Clinical history General and dermatologic clinical examination Otoscopic examination Other tests Treatment Ceruminous- erythematous or suppurative infectious otitis externa (bacteria and/or yeast) Otitis externa due to foreign body Ceruminous-erythematous parasitic otitis externa Otitis media 4. Sampling Skin scraping Sampling with cellophane paper Cerumen sampling Cytology Sample staining Results interpretation 5. External and systemic treatments Introduction External treatments: cleaners External treatments: therapeutic products Systemic treatments Microenvironment modifiers Antibiotics Antifungal Acaricide Instructions sheet for the owner 6. Clinical cases Bilateral otitis externa in a cat due to Otodectes cynotis Pinna ́s bilateral injuries in a dog due to Sarcoptes scabie Trombiculiasis of the pinna and periauricural area in a cat Pinna ́s injuries in a dog with leishmaniasis Pinnal dermatophytosis in a cat Bilateral otitis externa due to Sthapylococcus Bilateral otitis externa due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bilateral otitis externa due to Malassezia Bilateral otitis externa related to atopic dermatitis in a Yorkshire Terrier Pinnal injuries in a cat with seasonal atopic dermatitis Bilateral otitis externa related to food allergy in a dog Bilateral otitis externa with stenosis related to allergic process (atopic dermatitis/food allergy) Bilateral cushingoid disturbances due to a drug reaction in a cat with suspected allergic otitis Bilateral otitis externa related to hypothyroidism Unilateral otitis externa because of foreign body Unilateral otohematoma associated with bilateral otitis externa due to scabies Otitis due to ceruminous glands adenocarcinoma Pemphigus foliaceous in a cat Bilateral otitis externa due to juvenile cellulitis in a puppy Unilateral otitis media Proliferative and necrotizing otitis in a cat
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