The thorax. Small animal surgery
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The thorax. Small animal surgery

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This new volume of the collection presents the anatomical regionof the thorax. It describes the most common surgical procedures, for instance the thoracotomy or the placement of a thoracic drainage; and also the most complex ones like the placement of a transvalvular patch, the extraction of oesophagic foreign bodies, tracheal collapse treatment or innovative techniques such as cardioplasty in idiopatic megaesophagus cases. The high quality of its images, some of them come with diagrams and illustrations, allow an accurate description of the pathologies and their etiology.

1. Introduction 2. Rib cage and thoracic cavity Overview Instruments and equipment for thoracic surgery Pleural space Pneumothorax Case 1 / Traumatic pneumothorax Pleural effusion Chylothorax Case 1 / Chylothorax Pyothorax Diaphragm. Overview Diaphragmatic rupture Case 1 / Complicated radial rupture in a dog Case 2 / Circumferential avulsion in a cat Peritoneal-pericardial diaphragmatic hernia Case 1 / PPDH in a dog Oesophageal hiatus hernia. Overview Case 1 / Para-oesophageal hiatus hernia and gastro-oesophageal intussusception Rib cage. Overview Flail chest 3. Oesophagus Overview Oesophageal foreign bodies. Overview Case 1 / Foreign body in the caudal thoracic oesophagus. Oesophagotomy Case 2 / Foreign body in the caudal thoracic oesophagus. Gastrotomy Persistence of the right aortic arch (PRAA) Case 1 / Persistence of the right aortic arch (PRAA) Megaoesophagus. Overview Idiopathic megaoesophagus. Oesophagus-diaphragmatic cardioplasty Case 1 / Megaoesophagus 4. Lungs Overview Pulmonary neoplasia Case 1 / Hypertrophic osteopathy (Pierre Marie syndrome) Pulmonary abscess Encapsulated abscess in the caudal mediastinum Lung lobe torsion 5. Cardiovascular system Overview Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Overview PDA. Conventional surgical treatment Case 1 / Intraoperative rupture of a PDA Case 2 / Closure with a surgical stapler Case 3 / PDA. Occlusion using the Amplatzer Canine Duct Occluder (ACDO) Pulmonary valve stenosis. Overview Treatment of pulmonary valve stenosis. Valvuloplasty Treatment of pulmonic stenosis. Transvalvular patch (open patch graft) Vascular occlusion entry technique. Complete occlusion of venous return Cardiac tamponade Cardiac neoplasms. Overview 6. Cranial mediastinum Overview Feline thymoma Tumour in the cranial mediastinum 7. Trachea Trachea. Overview Tracheal collapse Tracheal collapse. Extraluminal cervical tracheoplasty Tracheal collapse. Intraluminal tracheoplasty 8. general techniques Anaesthesia for thoracic surgery Thoracic drains Thoracocentesis Fixation of tubes and drains Thoracic radiography Thoracic cytology Thoracic endoscopy Minimally invasive surgery Interventional radiology Thoracoscopy. Overview Thoracotomy. Overview Lateral thoracotomy Midline thoracotomy 
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