Small Animal Surgery. The Head and Neck. Vol.I
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Small Animal Surgery. The Head and Neck. Vol.I

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Small Animal Surgery. The head and neck addresses the diseases that affect the head and neck structured by anatomical location, and the surgical procedures that are usually used to solve them. The diseases and surgical techniques are described in detail and the information provided is accompanied by numerous high-quality images and illustrations. The e-book version also includes videos for further information and will aid in the understanding of the techniques.

José Rodríguez, Ldo. Vet., PhD

He graduated and earned his PhD in veterinary medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (1982 and 1985).

Professor in the area of animal medicine and surgery at the Department of Animal Pathology of the University of Zaragoza.

Surgeon at the Valencia Sur veterinary hospital (Valencia).

Diploma in Ocular Pathology and Surgery by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Author and coordinator of the book series “Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide”, which includes the following books: The pelvic area, The caudal abdomen, The cranial abdomen, The thorax, Bloodless surgery, Basic principles and techniques, The gastrointestinal tract. Clinical cases and Errors and complications in surgery, which have been translated into several languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or Corean.

Jorge Llinás, Ldo. Vet.

Degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Diploma of Advanced Studies from the University of Zaragoza.

University specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Director and surgeon at the Valencia Sur veterinary hospital.

President of the Spanish Society of Veterinary Laser and Electrosurgery.

Coauthor of the books Bloodless surgery and Basic principles and techniques of the series “Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide”.

Roberto Bussadori, Med. Vet., PhD

Degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Milan, Italy.

European doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Cardiovascular, thoracic and airway surgeon at the Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso, Milan.

Master’s degree in microsurgery, experimental surgery and surgical transplants.

Surgeon at the Valencia Sur veterinary hospital.

Coauthor of the books Bloodless surgery and Basic principles and techniques of the series “Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide”.

1. Introduction General aspects of neck surgery Anaesthetic considerations Before anaesthesia During anaesthesia After anaesthesia Surgical considerations Central venous catheter placement Subcutaneous venous access port Forced-feeding tubes Intensive care and postoperative recovery Postoperative management Oxygen supplementation Management of patients with a tracheostomy tube Enteral feeding in critical patients Complications 2. Skin lesions General aspects Injection-site sarcoma Clinical signs Diagnosis Treatment Surgical technique Prevention 3. Oesophagus General aspects Diseases of the oesophagus Surgical considerations Anaesthetic considerations Preanaesthetic assessment Malnutrition-related complications Gastro-oesophageal reflux, oesophagitis and aspiration Complications related to oesophageal rupture Vasovagal syncope Pain management Cricopharyngeal dysphagia Treatment Foreign bodies Treatment Oesophageal stenosis Treatment Oesophageal diverticulum Treatment 4. Trachea General aspects Surgical considerations Anaesthetic considerations Induction of anaesthesia Tracheal rupture Clinical signs Diagnosis Anaesthetic considerations Treatment Tracheal collapse Clinical signs Diagnosis Treatment Tracheostomy Anaesthetic and surgical considerations Temporary tracheostomy Permanent tracheostomy 5. Thyroid gland General aspects Physiology Anaesthetic considerations Patient stabilisation Induction of anaesthesia Maintenance of anaesthesia Feline hyperthyroidism Treatment Tumour Prognosis 6. Pinna. Ear canal General aspects Surgical considerations Anaesthetic considerations Locoregional anaesthetic techniques Ear haematoma Treatment Wounds and tumours Wounds Tumours Cholesteatoma Clinical signs Diagnosis Treatment Vertical canal resection Preoperative preparation Zepp technique Vertical canal ablation Incision of the vertical canal Total ear canal ablation Preoperative preparation Technique Postoperative complications Tympanic bulla osteotomy Lateral tympanic bulla osteotomy Ventral tympanic bulla osteotomy 7. Diagnostic techniques General aspects Radiology Fluoroscopy Endoscopy Computed tomography Radiological assessment Cervical oesophagus Cervical trachea Pharynx and larynx Endoscopic assessment Rhinoscopy Otoscopy Laryngoscopy. Tracheoscopy Oesophagoscopy Computed tomography General aspects Indications 
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  • Autor/es Jorge Llinas Ceballos, José Rodríguez Gómez, Roberto Bussadori
  • Año de edición 2019
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