Essential guides on cattle farming. Bovine Mastitis
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Essential guides on cattle farming. Bovine Mastitis

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Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue, and represents a major endemic disease of dairy cattle. It occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion of the teat canal by variety of bacterial sources present on the farm or as a con-sequence of chemical, mechanical, or thermal injury to the cow’s udder. There is sometimes permanent damage to the udder. Severe acute cases can be fatal and lactations may be compromised despite of the apparent recovery of the mammary tissues. This condition is a very complex disease affected by several factors and it is usually presented subclinically in herds. Mastitis treatment and control supposes large costs to the industry and there are lots of losses due to this illness (reduction in yields, milk thrown away, extra labour, veterinary care and medicines, reduced longevity). In accordance with the current situation, an updated review has been carried out using graphic resources such as photos, tables, flowcharts, etc. The author, a specialist in this field, has developed an accurate handbook analyzing the most highlighted features of this condition and pointing out the main control measures to prevent it as maximum as possible. An interesting chapter referred to case investigation has been included to illustrate this topic in a more practical way.



Dr. Maria E. Prado obtained her veterinary medicine degree (MV) from the University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1987. Following two years of bovine private practice, she came to the United States to further her education. She completed a one year internship in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery and Equine Theriogenology at Oklahoma State University (1993-1994) followed by a residency in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery (1995-1998) and board certification in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (2000). Dr. Prado performed graduate studies in Veterinary Pathobiology and obtained a PhD at Oklahoma State University in 2003 and a postdoc in Molecular Virology. Since 2005, she has been employed by the University of Tennessee where she conducts research in the areas of bovine mastitis and respiratory disease as well as teaching.

1. The bovine mammary gland Macroscopic anatomy Microscopic anatomy Physiology of the lactation Mammary gland growth (mammogenesis) Milk production and lactation Milk ejection reflex Defense mechanisms Physical barriers Cellular defenses Noncellular defenses 2. Epidemiology Prevalence and incidence Distribution and frequency of isolation of pathogens from clinical mastitis Source and transmission of infection Risk factors 3. Pathogenesis Infectious aetiology 4. Clinical presentation 5. Diagnosis Subclinical mastitis SCC Clinical mastitis Physical exam Milk culture and sensitivity 6. Treatment 7. Control and prevention 8. Case investigation Herd goals Mastitis problem investigation 9. References 
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