How to read and download your e-books



From September 2020 all new digital books published by Grupo Asís will be made available to users in epub format and therefore will no longer be available on or the Servet Digital app. Users who acquired digital books before that date will be able to enjoy them as usual.

What is an EPUB?

It is an abbreviation for electronic publishing, "e-publishing" and is an e-book format that can be used on most mobile and desktop devices, except for Amazon's Kindle e-reader. The ePub format is the universal format used for the distribution of e-books.

Recommended reading devices and software

The following table shows the supported devices and recommended reading software with their download links. Below you will find detailed instructions for the download and reading process for each type of device.

Windows and Apple Mac OS X
Adobe Digital Editions
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Adobe Digital Editions for IOS
Aldiko Reader for iOS
Smartphone Android or Tablets Adobe Digital Editions for Android
Aldiko Reader for Android
Other types of e-reader (content in English) Supported devices
B&N Nook, Sony and Kobo E-readers Installable through Adobe Digital Editions


Can I return an eBook?
No. In accordance with the current legislation, the possibility of exercising the right to withdraw digital products such as electronic books is not contemplated.

Are the books limited by DRM or other software
Yes, our books are protected by Social DRM industry standards to prevent from unauthorized reproduction and distribution.

How many times can I download the volume?
You can download the digital book as many times as you need but remember that there is a limit to the number of devices where you can open it.

Are there e-books for the Amazon Kindle?
There is a wide range of titles for Amazon's Kindle. These e-books can be purchased directly from the Amazon site; visit the "" website.

How to recover e-books?
The ebooks purchased in ePub format can be retrieved from the email we sent you after your purchase and which includes a download link.

What type of file is .acsm?
The file with the extension ".acsm" is the one downloaded when you buy an e-book. This .acsm file has the information that will allow you to download the book in digital format in the suitable application.

How is the .acsm file used?
The .acsm file must be opened through Adobe Digital Editions.

Important notice for e-book downloads
In some cases it has been reported that Internet Explorer 10 is not 100% compatible for downloading volumes (e-Book or e-Chapter). Also Internet Explorer can report a message like "Could not be found ... check that the name is correct and try again".
To download the file that will then allow you to "download" the actual e-Book or e-Chapter volume, you will need to use different browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, FireFox or in any case different versions of Internet Explorer 10).

Installing and reading e-books

1.- For Windows and Apple Mac OS

  • For new users or users who do not have an Adobe Digital Editions reader account:
    • Download and install the Adobe Digital Editions reader following the Adobe instructions from You can solve any issues by following the instructions provided by Adobe in that page.
    • It is mandatory to authenticate the Adobe Digital Editions installation with your Adobe user (or ID). If you do not have an Adobe account, create one folowing this link: This will allow you to read the ebooks on up to six different devices. If you open your ebook without authenticating the installation, the ebook license will be disabled for any other device. We are not responsible for this misuse.
  • To add your book to Adobe Digital Editions:
    • Go to the link received by email and download the. ascm file to your desktop.
    • Open the. ascm file with Adobe Digital Editions software
    • The book will be available once the download is complete (may take a few minutes). At the end of this process, the file with the book in .epub format will have been downloaded to your computer. The first time it opens you will have to enter your Adobe ID.

2. - For iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Android devices

  • Previous requirements:
  1. Go to Apple Store or Google Play on your device, find and install the application chosen as a reader (we recommend Adobe Digital Editions or Aldiko).

  • How to transfer the e-book to your mobile device:
  1. Direct download from your mobile device: you can download the .ascm file from your mobile device by clicking on the link we send you by e-mail. Once downloaded you can open it directly with the app installed. We recommend Adobe Digital Editions. The first time you run it on your device and try to add a book to the library, you will be asked to authorize the Adobe Digital Editions account you created earlier. It is mandatory, because without the authorization the ebook license will be disabled for any other device. We are not responsible for this misuse. The authorization will allow you to read the ebooks on up to six different devices.
  2. If you are using an iPad / iPhone / iPod you can also transfer the file to iTunes:
    • Connect your device and open iTunes on your PC or Mac.
    • Select the device in the left panel of iTunes.
    • Click on the applications button in the main iTunes window.
    • Within the file item, in the "File sharing" group on the page, go to the "Documents" list and click "Add". Then select the epub file.