A guide to necropsy diagnosis in swine pathology
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A guide to necropsy diagnosis in swine pathology

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This book describes how to carry out a quick and complete post-mortem examination with a technique that allows you to obtain the maximum possible information and helps in the observation of lesions for their correct interpretation. This necropsy protocol respects the different traditional incision and observation planes, as well as the sampling methods for further studies.

1. Carcass opening technique and observation planes

2. External appearance: cutaneous plane, hooves, snout and natural openings

3. Plane of subcutaneous tissue and musculoskeletal system

4. Plane of neck and thorax

5. Abdominal plane: digestive tube

6. Abdominal plane: liver, spleen, kidneys and genitourinary system

7. Head: skull and nasal cavities

  • Language English
  • Author/s José Antonio García de Jalón Ciercoles, Marcelo de las Heras Guillamón
  • Release date 2012
  • Pages 184
  • Binding Hard cover
  • Dimensions 17 X 24