Pet owner educational atlas. Parasites
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Pet owner educational atlas. Parasites

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This illustrated work has the aim to assist the veterinary surgeon with his/her communication with the pet owner. Following the last book spirit dedicated to the surgery, in this atlas the drawings about internal and external parasites of dogs and cats will make easier the explanations of the veterinary surgeon to his/her customers, as well as the control, prevention and treatment plans that the veterinary surgeon need to set up in some cases. The clarity and accuracy of the drawings, designed to make understandable and to reduce the time spent on the explanations to the pet owner, make of this atlas another useful clinical tool. This book is aimed at veterinary surgeons, students, teachers and professionals in this field.

  • Language English
  • Author/s Editorial Servet
  • Release date 2012
  • Páges 104
  • Binding Hard cover. Wire-o
  • Dimensions 22 X 28

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