Pet owner educational atlas. Neurology
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Pet owner educational atlas. Neurology

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Achieving the owners acceptance and implication, both in the required diagnostic tests and the therapeutic compliance, is an essential aspect for the optimal resolution of any clinical case. To this end, it is necessary that he or she understands what is happening to the pet and what diagnostic and treatment guidelines are being established by the veterinary surgeon. In order to make the explanations easier and take profit from the time dedicated to them, the practitioner can rely on this book, where anatomical and physiological aspects of the nervous system are gathered, as well as the main techniques and diagnostic tools that can be applied and the most common pathological conditions and neurological diseases. The clarity and accuracy of the illustrations on every sheet, accompanied by the texts of an expert in this issue like Juan J. Mínguez, will be an important support point for the veterinary surgeon in those cases presenting a neurological problem.

  • Language English
  • Author/s Juan José Mínguez Molina
  • Release date 2019
  • Páges 76
  • Binding Hard cover. Wire-o
  • Dimensions 22 X 28

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