7 claves para dirigir con éxito la clínica veterinaria
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7 claves para dirigir con éxito la clínica veterinaria

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Esta obra recoge los siete aspectos clave necesarios para que una clínica veterinaria se gestione con éxito: trabajar con objetivos, descubrir los valores de uno mismo y sacarles un beneficio o manejar los conflictos son algunos de ellos. Cada uno de estos puntos clave se trata de forma concisa y clara, con numerosos ejemplos para que el lector se identifique con la situación. De este modo, y con la ayuda de sugerencias y consejos para solucionar o mejorar los diferentes aspectos críticos en la gestión de la clínica, el autor consigue aportar un carácter aún más práctico a los contenidos. Al final de cada capítulo, el lector encontrará un apartado de puntos clave y un código QR (enlace a web en el caso del libro digital) mediante el cual podrá descargarse los ejercicios del capítulo para poner en práctica los conocimientos adquiridos. La obra incluye ilustraciones representativas que complementan la información y hacen la lectura más amena.


John Sheridan. Owner and publisher of Veterinary Business.org and the Veterinary Business Video Show

I was delighted to have an opportunity of reading the English version of this wonderful book. If you own or manage a veterinary practice, if you have an HR role working with your team members or if you have concerns about your personal and professional career, your work-life balance and your ability to achieve all you want to achieve in your personal and professional life, then buy this book. It’s fresh, it’s very readable and it’s packed with words of wisdom from an author who understands all the “people problems” that you are ever likely to meet in your career in veterinary practice

Carin A. Smith, DVM. President, Smith Veterinary Consulting, Inc. www.smithvet.com

This book is easy to read, well-organized, and packed with tips that will be useful for veterinarians in all stages of their careers. The real-life examples and specific action steps will help you get started or continue on your path to success.

Alison Lambert, BVSc, MMRS, MRCVS. Managing Director of Onswitch

Packed full of real and relevant case studies and observations, this book should be in the kit bag of every vet. Comprehensive yet compact, it contains exercises to help understand common issues faced when running a practice, tools to help fix them, and strategies to make the positive changes required for success. Highly recommended.

Anthony DeCarlo, VMD. Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Healthcare Network

7 Keys to Successfully Running a Veterinary Practiceoffers a practical, easy and often overlooked approach for connecting with the people who make the veterinary practice thrive – the clients and their pets. Veterinary medicine is as much about caring for the client as it is the patient, and this book will help shine a light on how to create a culture of caring in your practice. It will help you realize that the veterinary profession is really all about people, including the people who work for and with you, and once you’ve mastered that concept, you reap the reward of being in the veterinary profession. This very concept – more a principle – has served as the platform for which I’ve built my own hospitals on, and has been the driving force for every business decision made.

Rhonda Sayle, RVT. Veterinary Practice Consultant 

A true work of art is how I can best describe 7 Keys to Successfully Running a Veterinary Practice, by Miguel Angel Díaz Sánchez. A brilliant step-by-step guide to making changes and adjustments within your veterinary practice to produce positive results. This book explains why changes are suggested and provides excellent explanations and valuable tools to support you in your progress towards making the necessary changes. Miguel has a unique ability to break down objectives into reasonable and practical tasks into simple formats for one to follow. Investment of time in reading and following this wonderful resource raises awareness in areas of your practice and life, helping you identify areas which may warrant improvement. Goals, life balance, strategic planning are included in Miguel’s coaching concepts. After reading this coaching “gift”, I have recognized areas in my life I can improve upon and am excited to do so. I feel this book is a must read for each and every veterinary owner. Thank you Miguel for such a phenomenal book!

Gayle M. Craig, CVPM, CVJ. Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and Certified Veterinary Journalist 

Pancho has a gift for understanding the human spirit. An optimist at heart, he believes that everyone has potential and that you just need to understand how to implement the tools and mechanisms to help them unlock it. This book is the guide to help those leaders in veterinary medicine reenergize themselves to empathize with their teams, helping their teams enjoy not only their work life but also spilling over into their personal life as well. Happy employees want to put their best effort forward for employers who care about them and understand them. I am honored to know Pancho and call him not only my colleague, but also my friend.


  • Language Spanish
  • Author/s Miguel Ángel Díaz Sánchez
  • Release date 2015
  • Páges 152
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  • Dimensions 19 X 19

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