Learning To Breath Better
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Learning To Breath Better

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This book teaches us how to improve the way that we breathe and to be aware of a process that is usually involuntary and uncontrolled by most people. Being aware of the importance of breathing for our body is crucial to achieve the motivation needed to start working on improving the process and achieve the proposed change.

Dr. Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery - Specialising in Stomatology

Private practice dedicated to Research and Training

Implantology and Oral Restoration


1. Breathing

2. Control of the breathing process

3. Breathing and sleep

4. Breathing and physical exercise

5. Breathing and relaxation

6. Learning to breathe through the nose: respiratory rehabilitation

  • Language English
  • Author/s Eduardo Anitua
  • Release date 2019
  • Pages 4
  • Binding Hard cover
  • Dimensions 21 X 29'7