Implant rehabilitation of posterior maxilla: a decision tree
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Implant rehabilitation of posterior maxilla: a decision tree

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Clinical choice and decision making for minimally invasive implant rehabilitation of posterior maxilla.

The purpose of this webinar is to describe various techniques available for the rehabilitation of atrophic maxilla with dental implants, suggesting a decision tree to choose the most predictable and less invasive treatment option in individual cases. Among the techniques proposed to overcome anatomical limitations, mention will be made on the following: short implants, sinus floor elevation with lateral approach and sinus floor elevation with transcrestal approach.

Why this Webinar?
To learn a new decision tree for a minimally invasive approach based on current evidence with the aim to help the clinician safely and predictably manage implant-supported treatment of the atrophic posterior maxilla.

  • Language English
  • Type of course Webseminars on demand
  • Duration 90 min